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Please see Dr. Revuelta's Fee Schedule under the Helpful Forms tab.


If you have a health insurance policy, it may provide some coverage for mental health treatment. Psychotherapy and evaluation services may be fully or partially covered by your insurance or employee benefit plan; however, it is important for you to first check with your insurance carrier regarding whether you have mental health coverage.

You are encouraged to contact your insurance company to determine coverage. When speaking with your insurance provider, it is important to ask whether you

  1.  have mental health benenfits
  2.  have a deductible and if it has been met
  3. have a limited number of sessions per year covered by your plan
  4. are required to obtain pre-authorization for services.

Dr. Revuelta does not accept insurance. In order to use your insurance for Dr. Revuelta's services, your insurance carrier must provide "out-of-network benefits." If you wish to submit a claim for reimbursement by your insurance company, Dr. Revuelta will be happy to offer assistance with completion of forms. However, claims must be submitted by you.


Cash and check are accepted for payment.

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